Texas Secedes and My Husband Returns

My husband has returned from Texas today.  The sad news that Texas has seceded from the United States causes me great pain.  My husband sees no good coming from secession.  I myself do not see any good coming from secession, both parties are in the wrong in this fratricidal war there is nothing comforting even in the hope that God may prosper the right, for I see no right in this matter.  What is to become of this country that Washington built and my father spent his life glorifying?  The North’s rabble rousing and the South’s insistence to secede has created such a rift between brothers.

I am now worried about what my husband will do.  He has spent his whole life serving the United States, but now he shall have to choose between his country and his state.  He says he will never bear arms against the United States, but it may be necessary for him to carry a musket in defense of his native State.   What does he mean by this?  How can he defend his native state and at the same time be passive towards the United States?  But for right now I do not have to worry overly much on this topic.  He is still with the United States Army where the loyalties of our family lie.

The possibilities of war and the secession of Texas after South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana has caused no shortage of problems.  Presently the banks have closed their doors on Virginians.  I am unable to withdraw money to buy my youngest warm clothes.  The changes that are occurring will forever change my family’s way of life.  Right now my husband says his fate is tied with Virginia.  My fate is tied with his as is our family.  Until he makes his decision none of us know what the family will do or where we will become of us.  My faith in God shall provide me with the fortitude to confront the future.  We can only pray that in His mercy He will spare us.


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