A Promotion

My husband has been promoted.  Today he is now a full colonel in the United States military.  His commission was signed by the president himself.  He is to be the colonel of the 1st Regiment of Cavalry.  On the 13th he attended a reception at the White House for 78 military officers.  He still will not give me an answer on if he met President Lincoln.  I am over come with happiness at my husband’s promotion.  He has worked so hard for this country.  I can only thank God for the blessings my family has received.

Virginia still has not declared if it is seceding or staying as part of the United States.  With Virginia’s position still uncertain I wonder what my husband will do.  He says that he wishes to do what is right but he is unwilling to do what is not, either at the bidding of the South or North.  He also said that loyalty to Virginia ought to take precedence over that which is due to the Federal Government.  I do not agree with my husband.  My loyalty is to the country as a whole, the country that my family fought for and died for.  I cannot begin to imagine what my poor father would think if he were able to see what was happening to the country he loved with a passion.  For the sake of my husband and family I pray that Virginia stays with the United States.  What is left for women to do now is to pray for peace and a resolution to this growing conflict.

As the threat of war grows closer, my prays turn towards my children.  I do not know what my sons will do.  I have a son in the United States military and my two other sons are of age to fight.  I do not know if they will follow their father and their state or if they will choose their own path?  I do not know and the uncertainty that rules my life makes living almost unbearable.  The papers are full of news but at times I cannot decide what is truth and what is conjecture.  I pray daily now for a peaceful united country.  Only God can bring secession to an end.


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