My Children, the boys

As conflict continues to grow my thought have turned to my children and what will become of them should Virginia secede and war be declared.  I have three boys and four girls I do not know what will happen if there is war in the country.

My eldest, George Washington Custis Lee, was born in 1832 and is 29 now.  When he was little we called him Boo, but now he is Cusits to his family.  He was the only one of children not to be born at Arlington.  As a child he was a bit of a trouble maker but now as a man now he is a credit to his family and a blessing in my life.  Out of my three sons Custis is the only on to have chosen to make a career out of the military.  With states seceding I am afraid for him for he is still young enough to fight and it frightens me to think that he may have to choose between his country and his state.  He is currently in the United States Army.  I know that the talk of secession weigh heavily on him as they do his father.  I pray daily that he will not have to make this choice, that God had other plans for the country and for my children.

My second son, William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, was born in 1837 and is 24.  His family nick name is Rooney.  As a child he was adventurous and lively.  His father once said that he was “too large to be a man, too small to be horse.”  When he was eight years old he cut his finger tips off with straw cutters and since that day I knew that I had to keep a close eye on him and have asked God to keep his eye on him as well.  Should there be a war I am sure he would have to fight.  He is married to Charlotte Wickham and they are very happy together at the White House.  The property is located in New Kent County, Virginia and he inherited it from his Grandfather.  I would be so sad to see this young couples tranquility broken.  I pray for them daily and know that God will keep my family in mind.

My youngest son, Robert Edward Lee Jr., was born in 1843 and is 18.  His family nick name is Rob.  As a child he was a simple easy going child who loved nothing more than to talk with his father in the morning.  He was and still is especially close to Mildred, the youngest child.  He is currently at the University of Virginia, he enrolled there last year.  I was glad to see one of my sons pursue a career besides the military and I would like to see him finish school.  I fear though that he will follow his brothers and fight if that is what they choose.  I  would like to see him finish his work at school.  He is so young and I do not want to have to face outliving any of my children.

It is a sad state of affairs when a country created not even 100 years ago may be torn asunder by the grandchildren of the men who fought for the creation and freedom of our country.  I pray daily now that my children will be kept safe no matter what happens.  The uncertainty that I live with right now is almost unbearable, only God can lighten my burden and guide my actions.


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