Virginia Has Seceded!

Virginia has seceded and I do not know what will happen to my family. I am concerned and scared for my children and my husband. He has said over and over again that he will not raise arms against his native state but what of his native country? I have prayed and prayed for my family and my husband during the trying time that the country has gone through and I cannot believe that God would have abandoned me now in my time of need but how can He see this as the right path for my family? I do not want to think about what will happen if my husband leaves the United States military but that is all I can think of. And my sons! My three sons who are all in the prime of their life, what will become of them? What will happen if they have to fight in any war? And my beautiful daughters! They are all ready for marriage and yet here comes a war and with that all the young men will be gone and then what will happen to my girls? I do not worry about Mary, my eldest, but the other three I pray for daily.

My husband will not talk to me about Virginia’s secession. He spends his time thinking and praying. I still believe that only God can stay the waves of anarchy & disunion & make the passions of men subservient to His will. We of the South have had great provocation, yet for my part I would rather endure the ills we know than rush madly into greater evils–& what could be great than the division of our glorious Republic into petty states, each seeking its private interest & unmindful of the whole. This magnificent country that both my husbands father and my father and grand father helped create now seems to be coming apart at the very seams. For states to leave the union that was created by men and God is unimaginable to me and yet everyday that passes brings to me more news of the country I love falling apart.

I pray day and night now and feel sometimes as though my prayers are not enough. God will not desert me in my time of need but it feels as if He has deserted the country. Why must these men fight war and not find compromise in shared loyalties? How can they choose to put an end to what General George Washington started? Virginia has seceded and my heart aches for the pain that will come.


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