Where I Now Reside

After having to flee my home I have gone to live with my Aunt Maria at Ravensworth.  When I first arrived I believed that I would be able to return to Arlington within a few weeks.  Sadly this has not been the case.  I have been at Ravensworth for three weeks now and do not see my return to Arlington occurring anytime soon.  The United States military has occupied my home.  I was heartened to learn that they had not disturbed the house itself but had rather set up their headquarters on the lawns.  This news was very good but I soon learned that the occupying soldiers were disrespecting my home and the servants there.  I had an overseer come and find me to explain what the soldiers were doing at Arlington. 

It was after this meeting that I finally understood that the country had turned on me and my family, accusing us of turning our back on everything we had fought for.  I am left homeless, not even able to get or send to Alexandria where my funds are deposited to obtain means for my support… The whole country is filled with men, women & children flying in terror.  I fear there is nothing but the special protection of Heaven which can save Arlington from ruin.  Having my home taken from me and being unable to have my children safe and near me has been a bitter pill to swallow.   Tho’ every hearth in the South is open to me however humble, still I feel desolate & houseless most especially as the time approaches to have all my children assembled at the happy season when they come home from vacation, but I will try to say from my heart, “God’s Will be done to me & mine” even should He slay us. 

While at Ravensworth my husband began to fear for my safety and again urged me to leave.  I have accepted several invitations from friends and relatives to visit but I worry about becoming a burden and I do wish to return to my home again.  My eldest daughter Mary is my companion but it is a job that is new and difficult for her.  I fear for my children during this time.  I do not want my sons to die fighting a war that should not be fought and I fear for the spiritual life of all of my children.  I pray for my family and for my country. 



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